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Welcome to UnderPillowToys! Nestled in the vast world of sex toy reviewing, our platform stands out as a beacon of integrity, authenticity, and dedication. Launched with the idea of guiding explorers in their intimate journeys, we aim to provide informative, genuine, and transparent reviews.

Our mission:

At UnderPillowToys, our mission is simple – to advocate for sexual well-being and empower our readers with the knowledge to make informed choices. Sexual wellness is integral to one’s overall health, and we believe in the transformative power of pleasure.

We believe that nowadays it is not shameful, but very important for everyone to talk about sex, try new things, and get to know your body. That is why we decided to create a platform, where you can easily find all the information you need about different sex toys.

We hope you will be satisfied 🙂

Our people:

We are a small group of enthusiasts with glowing eyes and a great desire to help someone expose all sides of pleasure and help you discover things you didn’t even know about!

Review author Alexia Costa
Alexia Costa
Founder & Chief Reviewer. Torrevieja, Spain
With a background in sexual health, I have always been passionate about promoting open conversations about intimacy. This platform is a testament to that passion.
Javier Fernando
Alicante, Spain
Our creative director. He comes from the passionate country of Spain. He is responsible for all the creatives you can see on our website and a lot of other things
Review author Jason Gibson
Jason Gibson
Manchester, UK
Another of our irreplaceable authors!

These people try many toys, share their honest reviews with you, and they’re not ashamed of it) So you can see both women’s and men’s perspectives on many products!

Our Review Process

Every product gracing our pages undergoes a rigorous review process. We handpick items based on their popularity, innovation, and user feedback. Once selected, our team evaluates them based on design, functionality, safety, and overall user experience. We also highly value our readers’ feedback, constantly updating our reviews based on your experiences.

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Why Trust Us?

Transparency is at the core of UnderPillowToys. We maintain a strict code of ethics, ensuring that every review is unbiased and genuine. While we may have partnerships, they never influence our review outcomes. Over the years, our dedication has earned us mentions in various media outlets and accolades from industry professionals.

Community Involvement

We’re more than just a review site. UnderPillowToys is an active participant in community events, workshops, and webinars focused on sexual health and well-being.

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