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Lelo Hugo is an innovative prostate massager which is made taking into account the anatomical features of the male body. The anal stimulator provides a double effect on the perineum and the prostate gland. The device is perfect for daily use. The device is easy to transport, because of its small size and weight. The minimum service life of this sex toy is 2 years.

Lelo Hugo - Key Points
AboutRemote controlled waterproof prostate massagers
Price$219 regular price, $175 with discount
suitable for every man, regardless of the anatomical features of the body.
it functions continuously for 2 hours.
it is suitable for both experienced users and for those men who are planning to use this device for the first time.
it functions quietly.
Working hours2 hours
Waterproof100% waterproof
Warranty12 months
vibrations weaken as the batteries run out. ;
it is required to use an antibacterial spray, which implies an additional financial expense. ;
it is compatible only with water-based lubricants. ;
requires frequent battery changes.;
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5 / 5
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Editor’s review

"Lelo Hugo prostate massager is not only a toy created to bring novelty into your sexual life but also a powerful preventive tool. The device helps to avoid the development of prostatitis and stagnation in the pelvic cavity. We recommend that you start using the device with the lowest level of vibrations, and gradually increase their power."

Use cases

Lelo Hugo device can be used on any of the 8 modes, from the weakest to the most intense level. The prostate massager can be controlled by the man himself or by his sexual partner. You can use the device with or without lubricant. After a short manipulation of the settings, you can use only one part of the device, which is located in the anal opening or outside, on the perineum.

  • Lelo Hugo can be used for solo masturbation
  • Vibrator can be used during sex with a partner
  • Can be used in the bathroom
  • Can be used discreetly in public places

What is included?

The content of Lelo Hugo package:

  • Prostate massager.
  • Wireless remote controller.
  • Detailed instruction manual.
  • A small plastic key for opening the remote control.
  • 2 batteries.
  • USB charging cord.
  • A sample of anal lubricant made on a water basis.
  • Warranty Registration Card (Lelo).
  • Satin storage pouch.
The prostate massager itself and the listed components of the product are placed in a box with the manufacturer's logo.

Instructions: How to use?

How to use Lelo Hugo anal massager:

  1. Insert the batteries into the remote control.
  2. Apply the lubricant to the silicone part of the device.
  3. Insert the massager into the anal opening.
  4. Press the button to turn on the stimulator.
  5. Choose one of the 8 operating modes.
  6. Start using the massager – you can be in any position: lying, sitting, on your side.
  7. Hold down the button to turn off the device.
  8. Remove the silicone part of the massager from the anal opening.
After each use, the device has to be processed, regardless of the duration of use.

How to clean and wash Lelo Hugo?

Lelo Hugo sex toy is made of hypoallergenic silicone. It is easily subject to hygienic treatment. After each use, the massager should be washed in a soapy solution, paying special attention to the areas of transition of the plastic part of the product to the silicone one. Rinse the device under running water. Wipe it dry, treat with an antibacterial spray. Store the product in a dry place, away from sunlight and magnetic radiation.

How does it work?

One motor, located in the upper part of the device, affects the prostate gland, while the second one directs impulses to the perineum area. These vibrations irritate the nerve fibers that are located in the prostate which causes arousal. Additionally, there is an increased production of testosterone. As a result of these processes, a man is guaranteed to have an orgasm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What company makes this vibrator?

This toy is manufactured by

What material is this vibrator made of?

Medical silicone

What size is Lelo Hugo?

Length of this vibrator is 4.1 inches | 104mm. Diamter of this sex toy is 1.3 inches | 32.5mm. Toy weight 116 g.

Where to order Lelo Hugo?

You can buy this device on the official website:

Official store



Review author Jason Gibson
Jason Gibson
Manchester, UK

Customer Reviews

4.8/5.00 September 5, 2022
Hollie Harrison

I liked absolutely everything about the Lelo Hugo massager. I have already tried the device at different power levels. Vibrations give indescribable pleasure. I am glad that I found this toy.

4.5/5.00 November 1, 2022
Marie Friedman

The device fully met my expectations. It functions quietly, but powerfully. In addition, the device is easy to clean. Now I get pleasure every day and maintain my intimate life at a consistently high level.

4.7/5.00 November 25, 2022
Abby Walton

I liked the device – when you tilt the control panel, the vibrations change their intensity. During operation, the device does not rub and does not cause discomfort, but seems to adapt to the body features.

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