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Lelo Lyla 2 - Key Points
Lelo Lyla 2 Sex Toy Review
AboutRemote controlled waterproof clitoris stimulator
simple shape
convenient to hold
powerful motor
whisper quiet
can be controlled manually or remotely
convenient charging
easy to clean
has 6 pulsating modes and 2 sense motion modes
Working hours2 hours
Warranty12 months
has only two buttons, modes and power can’t be controlled separately ;
quite expensive;
Author's rating
4.8 / 5

Lelo Lyla 2 is a new premium vibrating bullet-style massager with a wireless remote. It offers you pleasure and excitement, whenever you want and wherever you go. This toy is quiet and it does not take up much space in your purse. The device is splash-proof, so it can be safely soaked, but do not dip it in water. You need to monitor the charging compartment, because if liquid gets there, the vibrator will not charge. The device is controlled remotely as it has Sense Motion technology. Its effect radius is 3 times larger than that of many other wireless massagers, which makes it an impeccable "friend" for the most vivid sensations.

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My Personal Experience

Lelo Lyla 2 is an advanced model. A lot of effort has been invested to create this model. A number of advantages of this toy will give you the opportunity to get heavenly pleasure and diversify your intimate life. Everyone will like the design of the product, because it has a simple shape, so it is convenient to hold in your hands.

Use cases

Basically, clients use Lelo Lyla 2 for self-satisfaction, sometimes to satisfy a partner. This device will give you sexual satisfaction and lots of orgasms. But the abilities of the wonderful device are not limited to this. The stimulator can caress the nipples. You can also take the stimulator to the shower and pleasantly surprise your partner. You can also use it during anal sex, however, we are not talking about the anal penetration. You can insert the tiy into the vagina, and the man will enter the anus. So he will also feel the vibration of the sex toy. You can experiment not only at home, but also during walk , at a restaurant - in a word, in public places. As you can see, there are many options, you just have to use it!

  • Lelo Lyla 2 can be used for solo masturbation
  • Vibrator can be used during sex with a partner
  • Can be used in the bathroom

Unboxing: What is included?

  • Lelo Lyla 2 Personal Massager
  • Wireless Remote Controller
  • USB-Charging Cord
  • Satin Storage Bag
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • 2xAAA batteries for Remote

Instructions: How to use?

  1. The battery pack should be installed when you first open the device. Insert the batteries and carefully place the cover on top of the battery compartment.
  2. Once in place, insert the plastic key in the cover’s slot and make a 10 degree twist clockwise to lock shut. To open, always use the key and make a 10 degree turn counterclockwise.
  3. Using Sense Motion mode 1. Turn on your remote by pressing the + button. Once wireless connection is established, the lights on massager and remote will be illuminated. Your massager will now be operating in SenseMotion mode 1. You can intensify vibrations by tilting the remote. When the remote is moved from a horizontal to a vertical position, vibration strength will increase to maximum level.
  4. Using the Sense Motion mode 2. When in SenseMotion mode 1, press on your remote to change to SenseMotion mode 2. In this mode, you can alter or intensify vibrations by moving the remote in any direction. Faster movements increase the intensity of vibrations.

How to clean and wash Lelo Lyla 2?

Always clean the device thoroughly before and after each use. Wash the stem with warm water and a respected antibacterial soap, rinse with clean water and pat dry with a lint-free cloth or towel. You can also use special cleaning solution for sex toys. If running water is used, pay close attention to the opening of the battery charging. Avoid fully submerging and getting water into the DC socket or around the interface. It is necessary to store the device in a place that is difficult for children to reach.

How does it work?

The vibrator runs on batteries. They are provided together with a USB cable. There are buttons on the device to regulate the mode. Vibrating bullets are designed so that they cling to the G-spot, delivering unearthly pleasure with its pulsations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What company makes this vibrator?

This toy is manufactured by

What material is this vibrator made of?


What size is Lelo Lyla 2?

Length of this vibrator is 3.5 inches | 88,9mm.

Where to order Lelo Lyla 2?

You can buy this device on the official website:

Official store


Review author Alexia Costa
Alexia Costa
Torrevieja, Spain

Customer Reviews

4.5/5.00 November 8, 2022
Jill Fuller

This thing pleasantly surprised me. It is perfect for solo stimulation, and also adds interesting sensations to a partner sex. I can tell this to can do anything! The design is beautiful and elegant. I recommend it!

4.3/5.00 November 21, 2022
Melissa Hancock

This toy is our little secret! We take it with us to noisy clubs and restaurants every time. This little thing brings us closer and adds a range of sensations to our sex life. I definitely give five stars!

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