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Lovense Hyphy Sex Toy Review

A man can do many things, but Lovense Hyphy can do even more. In this article, let's discuss the features of probably the most versatile sex toy.

What is Lovense Hyphy?

Lovense Hyphy is an unusual remote control dual-end vibrator from Lovense. Designed for clitoral, G-spot and nipple stimulation. Imagine, all at once!

My Personal Experience

Buying this lilac vibrator was a great way to start my spring. Who said that everything and at once is impossible? I was especially surprised by the new way of storing the toy. Usually it is a black pouch, but here it is a whole innovative development!

Too busy for the full read? Here are the Key Points about Lovense Hyphy

3 years with this toy
4.9/5my score

My Verdict: Lovense Hyphy will be a great addition or the first toy in your collection. With features like these, Lovense will soon have no competitors (among toys and sex partners)!

Waterproof: Yes

Price: $99 with discount instead of 199$. Updated July 2024

  • silicone nozzles
  • pouch for storage and charging
  • multifunctional app
  • good material
  • control from a distance
  • strong vibrations
  • great variety of usage
  • comfortable handle
  • long working time
  • no simultaneous stimulation
  • pretty loud
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In my solo experience of using the Hyphy, it worked very well for me on both sides. At times I had to allocate more time for playing because I wanted to try everything! Although the high-frequency end seemed uncomfortable at first, it actually got the most out of using each of its attachments. The G-spot stimulator is very good, although it is a pity that I can't change the modes of vibration in this part of the Lovense Hyphy, as it was created so you would mostly enjoy the high frequency end.

Also, my partner and I are always very satisfied using Lovense toys at a distance. And the Hyphy opened up even more possibilities for us, particularly gentle clitoral stimulation with powerful vibrations.Lovense Hyphy has become irreplaceable for our long-distance relationship. Of course we miss each other, but in the age of technology we can also experience pleasure from hundreds of kilometers away.

Use cases

The two working attachments can be used as a classic vibrator or as a stimulator for sensitive areas – the clitoris, nipples, etc. As there is an option to adjust their effects in different ways, it turns out to be a unique toy to satisfy female desire.

Unboxing: What is included?

Lovense Hyphy female dual-end vibrator kit consists of the following elements:

Instructions: How to use?

  1. Since the vibrator is dual-ended, one button on the device would be hard to get around. It took me a few sessions of use to figure out how to control it.
  2. Be sure to rinse the toy before using it. Use only water-based lubricants.
  3. The device is turned on by pressing the "+" button for 3 seconds;
  4. To turn on the high-frequency end (with nozzles), press "+". The first vibration mode will be activated. To decrease or increase the vibration, adjust the power with the "+" and "-" buttons;
  5. To switch the vibrations to the low-frequency end (for the G-spot), press "+" again for 3 seconds, then press "-". Control the vibration with the "+" and "-" buttons;
  6. Press "-" frequently to turn off the device completely.

How to store?

Before storing it,dry the toy;

It is recommended to store Lovense Hyphy in the special case, which is included in the package, in order to avoid damages.

How to charge?

Unlike many Lovense toys, Lovense Hyphy has its own storage and charging case. The charging plugs directly into the case;

A full charge takes 75 minutes, and the toy holds a charge for 4.5-5 hours of continuous use.

How to clean and wash Lovense Hyphy?

Before the first use and after each use, you should wash the toy under warm water or with a sex toy cleaner.

How does it work?

The Lovense Hyphy multifunctional vibrator surprises you with its capabilities. Because it is reversible, and each end is responsible for different stimulation zones, you can get the most sensations from the use.
The Lovense Hyphy contains 2 features:

To change the area you want the vibrator to affect with the high-frequency end, change the nozzle to one of the following:

My favorite turned out to be the u-shaped cutie nozzle.
With the Lovense Remote app, you can control the vibrations of the high-frequency tip from a distance to get maximum pleasure and romance with your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use it for anal sex?

The toy is not designed for anal sex.

Can men use it?

The low-frequency end of the Lovense Hyphy is designed for women, while the high-frequency end can be used by both men and women.

What kind of lubricant should I use with the toy?

A water-based lubricant must be used.

Can I use it in the bath/shower?

The ergonomic design and full waterproofness of IPX7 allows you to use the toy in the bath and shower and you can also take it on any trip.

Can I use it while it is charging?

It’s forbidden (and technically impossible) to use the toy while it is charging.

Can I use it far away from my partner?

Create Lovense Remote accounts with your partner and enjoy each other's company from a distance.

What areas can this toy stimulate?

Designed for G-spot, nipple, clitoris and body pressure point stimulation.

How long does Lovense Hyphy hold a charge?

The charge lasts for 4.5-5 hours of continuous use.

What company makes this vibrator?

This toy is manufactured by

What material is this vibrator made of?

Health Safe Materials

What size is Lovense Hyphy?

Length of this vibrator is 8.5 inches | 216mm. Diameter of this sex toy is 0.2 inches | 6mm.

Customer Reviews

4.4/5.00 August 25, 2022
Dolores McIntire

– Stylish and very easy to use stimulator. Many attachments allow you to turn sex into an exciting game every time.

4.3/5.00 August 26, 2022
Sarah Evans

Convenient and thoughtful device. I’m happy with everything.

4.6/5.00 October 4, 2022
Doris Muller

– Lovense Hyphy will allow a woman to quickly achieve a crazy orgasm, and expand the pleasure.

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