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Lovense Hyphy

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Lovense Hyphy what is it?

Lovense Hyphy is a new product in the sex toy industry. A dual-end high-frequency vibrator has two working sides, which gives a woman the opportunity to achieve new sensations and reach fast orgasms. Lovense Hyphy was created taking into account numerous reviews and research. Thanks to the the developers, various nuances were taken into account. The toy was created using modern materials, which made it possible to make an effective and practical device. You can easily take this device with you anywhere you want. With the help of an application on a smartphone, a woman can adjust and save modes of different intensity.

What is included?

Lovense Hyphy female dual-end vibrator kit consists of the following elements:
  • Charging/storing case, which helps to always have the toy with you and charge it if necessary. The case is made of modern and safe materials.
  • Double-sided vibrator.
  • A set of attachments for a thin tip. With them the capabilities of the device are significantly expanded. In addition to vibrations of different intensity, the nozzles allow you to change the type of impact. The circle attachment is for a broad effect. The U-Shaped attachment for a hugging sensation (perfect for the clit and nipples).. The tongue attachment mimics oral caresses.
  • USB charging cable.
  • Instruction manual.
  • Setup guide.
  • The whole kit takes up a minimum of space, which allows you to conveniently store the device and, if necessary, take it with you. No wonder that one of the slogans of Lovense Hyphy is "Take pleasure with you".
Toy name Lovense Hyphy
Brand name
Length 216mm
Diameter 6mm
Working hours 4,5-5 hours
Material Health Safe Materials
Waterproof IPX7 Waterproof
Warranty 12 months

Instructions: How to use?

  1. Before using Lovense Hyphy, apply a lubricant to the stimulation zones and to the device itself.
  2. Then select the desired mode. There is a choice between low, medium and high vibration intensity.
  3. When using it for the first time, choose a low intensity mode.
  4. The Hyphy stimulator can be controlled via a special app. Install it on a smartphone.
  5. After installation, you will need to find the device via Bluetooth connection and connect it.
  6. After that you will be able to remotely control Lovense Hyphy, set up the mode and create your favorite patterns.

How to clean and wash Lovense Hyphy?

The device has a waterproof body, so it can be washed under running water. It must be cleaned before and after each use. The vibrator needs to be washed with warm water with soap or a special cleaning solution for sex toys.

How does it work?

The operation principle is based on stimulation of sensitive areas – the clitoris and G-spot. Several modes allow to set the device in such a way that the woman chooses the intensity of the impact herself. The thin tip provides spot stimulation of sensitive areas. The thick end is used as a classic vibrator to stimulate the G-spot. Two built-in motors help you to achieve powerful vibrations. Lovense Hyphy a very effective toy for achieving an orgasm.

Pros and Cons

  • + The double-sided vibrator allows a woman to get a different range of pleasures, from long caresses to instant orgasm.
  • + The stimulator can work for several hours without recharging.
  • + Convenient form
  • + Nice surface
  • + Charging/storing case.
    • You may not like it according to individual preferences.
    • Available only in one color.

Customer Reviews

- Stylish and very easy to use stimulator. Many attachments allow you to turn sex into an exciting game every time.
- Convenient and thoughtful device. I'm happy with everything.
- Lovense Hyphy will allow a woman to quickly achieve a crazy orgasm, and expand the pleasure.

Use cases

The two working attachments can be used as a classic vibrator or as a stimulator for sensitive areas – the clitoris, nipples, etc. As there is an option to adjust their effects in different ways, it turns out to be a unique toy to satisfy female desire.

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Where to order Lovense Hyphy?

You can buy this device on the official website:
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Editor’s review

Lovense Hyphy is an innovative and very handy stimulator with two working sides. It combines all the latest developments in the field of sex toys. Dual end, a special adjustment program, the ability use the vibrator during sex with a partner – these numerous advantages make Lovense Hyphy an excellent choice.
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