Lovense Ridge Honest Review

Best vibrating Anal Beads or Dummy? Lovense Ridge Sex Toy Review

Today I am reviewing an unusual toy: anal beads that vibrate. And even from the super famous brand Lovense. I have something to tell you about them.

What is Lovense Ridge?

Lovense Ridge is app-controlled vibrating and rotating anal beads that can be controlled from phone.

My Personal Experience

I admit that I am not a big expert in anal beads, since before purchasing Ridge I used plugs and prostate massagers exclusively.

However, after a month of use, I have already formed my opinion about them, I have identified most of their pros and cons and am ready to share with you.

Let’s start with the most basic

Too busy for the full read? Here are the Key Points about Lovense Ridge

Pros: anonymous payment and delivery; high quality material; convenient application; multiple use cases;

Cons: not suitable for beginners; gathers dust quickly; only the top part of the toy rotates;

Price: $129 with discount instead of 239$. Updated February 2024

Waterproof: Yes!


My Verdict: I enjoyed this toy and my wife and I often use it during sex. It has many advantages, however, to use it you need to be an experienced user of anal toys.

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Delivery and Price

I ordered Ridge from the official Lovense website for 119 euros and arranged delivery to Spain.

There are several payment methods:

  • by card
  • paypal
  • cryptocurrency – I chose this option as the most convenient for me
Lovense does not have special discount coupons.

The parcel was sent from Germany and arrived in about 5 days. The toy arrived in a postal box and a sealed bag, so neither the courier nor the neighbors knew what kind of devil was inside.

As far as I know, Lovense delivery is even faster in the USA.

Can you buy it on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress?

No no and one more time no! Never buy sex toys from these sites to avoid purchasing a fake or used toy.


As with all previous toys from Lovense, the box looks quite stylish and opens just like an iPhone box.

Lovense Ridge Unboxing

There is nothing ordinary inside (if this is your tenth toy from this brand)

  • the toy itself
  • charging cable. As always with a USB output, which irritates me terribly – you already put the plug for the socket
  • Instructions in pictures
  • Storage bag. I only use them when traveling, and I keep the toy right in the box.

I was pleasantly surprised that there is a QR code on the box with the toy; scanning it will take you to a page with a video presentation of the toy.

QR on package of Lovense Ridge

First impression & Test

You can watch my video review on Youtube

I was a little wary because this toy is longer than the toys I have tested before. Plus, judging by the commercial, she should also be spinning like crazy.

Lovense Ridge Experience

However, everything turned out to be not so scary: thanks to medical silicone (from which Ridge is made) and special lubricant, I liked my first experience with this toy.

Tip: use plenty of lubricant

I would like to say that these are not exactly anal beads, in the usual sense. It’s more of an anal vibrator stylized as anal beads.

I’m also very happy that Lovense continues to make anal stimulation toys in a matching black color (like Hush and Edge)

The toy has two ways of moving:

  • vibration
  • turns

For each method, you can change the intensity, as well as combine them together.

The first time I did this using the buttons at the bottom of the toy, but then I used my usual phone app.

What upset me a little: it turned out that only the very top part of the toy rotates. The remaining two compartments remain motionless.

There are also some unobvious advantages: the toy has a fairly large base, which will protect the toy from slipping completely inside.

Also, if I were a designer, I would make the mode control buttons on the bottom of the toy, rather than on the side – it would be much more convenient.

Key Features


The toy can be used in the bath or shower without any problems, which adds extra interest to sex.

Really strong vibration

It’s not for nothing that Lovense is considered one of the best vibrators on the market – the Ridge vibrates brilliantly. Sometimes it’s even too strong for me, but I’m not a pro at anal play.

Completely safe

This toy is completely safe for use:

  • Medical silicone is hypoallergenic;
  • The bottom of the toy is made so that it does not slide inside completely;
  • The tightness of the toy will prevent moisture and dirt from getting inside and breaking the device.

New sensations

Since these are the first and only remote-controlled anal beads, you won’t get this experience from any other toy.

Application control

Lovense has several apps for interacting with toys.

First, I’ll tell you about the most basic thing – Lovense Remote.

Lovense app

It is used to control your own or someone else’s toy using your phone.

Do not rotate the toy until it is completely inside you and you are comfortable.

In terms of connection, everything is simple:

  1. Install the application on your phone
  2. Turn on the toy
  3. In the upper right corner of the application, click on the plus and select “add toy”
  4. After this, all functions of the application will be available to you

Lovense also has an interesting dating application, Tophy, with which you can either meet people or, for example, quickly find a partner for sexting and managing each other’s toys.

Well, the last application VibeMate – allows you to synchronize Ridge with actions in porn videos on different sites. It doesn’t work very well with Ridge, since there are quite a few videos adapted for anal toys. But the idea is interesting

Cleaning and Storage

I recommend clean the toy before and after each use. To do this, use warm water and liquid soap, or better yet, a special product for washing sex toys.

How to Clean Ridge?

Even though my Ridge is stored in a closed box, it still attracts dust, so I recommend washing it before each use.

Who Should Try the Lovense Ridge?

  • If you have tried different anal masturbation toys and are looking for a new one
  • Couples. I found it more convenient to use Ridge in pairs than alone
  • Sexting lovers

Who doesn’t like the toy?

For beginners in anal stimulation – the toy is quite large and it is better to start with something small.

Instructions: How to use?

Ridge Instructions
  1. Fully charge the device before use. Rinse and dry the toy.
  2. Check that the toy works: switch it on and learn the modes before using it.
  3. Apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant to your body and the toy itself.
  4. Gently insert the toy into your anus in a comfortable position.
  5. Switch on the toy by pressing the mode button.
  6. Change the vibration and rotation modes using the corresponding buttons.

What should I do if the toy does not switch on?

Make sure that the toy is charged by checking the charge indicator on the toy.

If it is difficult to use, contact the technical support on the official website.

How do I create patterns?

How to create patterns in Lovense App?
  1. Open the Lovense Remote application on your smartphone or device.
  2. Make sure your Lovense Remote device is connected to the app and active.
  3. Once you have selected Lovense Remote, you will be presented with a vibration control mode. This is usually a slider or buttons to change the intensity of the vibration.
  4. To create your own pattern, there is usually a ‘Create’ or ‘Patterns’ option in the app (depending on the version). This may require you to click a special button or select a specific menu.
  5. In pattern creation mode, you can adjust the duration and intensity of the vibration at different times to create a unique vibration pattern. This is usually done by adding points or segments to the timeline and adjusting the parameters of each segment.
  6. When you have finished customizing the pattern, save it and give it a name so that you can easily find it later.
  7. Now you can select your own vibration pattern and start playing it.

Can I connect to Spotify?

Yes, all you need to do is select Spotify from the Lovense Remote menu and follow the instructions to connect.

How to charge?

Charging is done using the supplied USB cable. Charging time is 1.5 hours. Continuous operating time is 2.5 hours.

How does it work?

Lovense Ridge uses a powerful motor inside the toy and an oscillating tip at the end of the toy to create 360-degree vibrations to stimulate the most erogenous zones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to bring yourself to orgasm with Ridge?

I’ll say right away that everything depends on physiology. But I was able to bring myself to orgasm, since Ridge perfectly stimulated my prostate.

How loud is the toy?

The toy is very quiet, but a humming noise will be heard on strong vibrations.

What is the Bluetooth range of the toy?

About 10 meters with no signal obstruction.

Does it work via wifi?

It is possible to connect the toy via Bluetooth to the application. Internet connection is required to download the app.

Can it be used by men/women?

Yes, sure. This is a unisex toy and is suitable for any gender.

Can it be used for vaginal sex?

Unfortunately, the toy is not intended for vaginal stimulation.

What kind of lubricant should I use with the toy?

For all types of sex toys should use a water-based lubricant.

Is there any way I can find out if there is a Lovense Ridge near me?

Open the Lovense Remote application and all the toys located near you should be shown there.

Can it be used in the bath/shower?

Ridge Waterproof The toy is completely waterproof, so yes, you can. I tried this toy in the shower and it was nice.

Can I use it while the toy is charging?


Can it be used at a long distance from partner?

Yes, with Lovense Remote App

Can I turn off the backlight?

The indicator light notifies you of the battery status. It cannot be turned off.

How can I tell from a fake?

Check the certification in the documents. If you have any questions, contact support on the official Lovense website.

Can I return the toy?

Intimate products are non-returnable.

What company makes this vibrator?

This toy is manufactured by