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Njoy Pure Wand Sex Toy Review

What is Njoy Pure Wand?

Njoy Pure Wand is an adult toy designed to effectively stimulate the G and P spots. Made of medical steel, it is able to deliver unattainable in the usual ways pleasure. So, thanks to its shape, the device exerts pressure on the most sensitive points, causing uncontrolled and brightest orgasms. At the same time, the process is very easy to control with both hands and hips, because the Njoy pure wand has a special curved shape, perfectly suitable for long games or quick discharge, bringing the desired satisfaction and joy.

My Personal Experience

Njoy pure wand will become a favorite toy for anyone who wants to explore the possibilities of their own body. So, according to the reviews, people who have already used this intriguing device experienced 300% stronger sensations in comparison with the usual ways of satisfaction.

Too busy for the full read? Here are the Key Points about Njoy Pure Wand

2 years with this toy
4.8/5my score

Price: $149.99 Updated July 2024

  • high quality
  • safe, hypoallergenic materials
  • versatility
  • the possibility of using different temperatures to stimulate erogenous zones
  • a convenient form that corresponds to the physiological characteristics
  • convenient to hold
  • weight (680 g)
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Some use other devices besides it, but in our opinion this wand does its job well on its own. The main thing is to "grope" an area with its help that opens the gates to higher peaks of joy, after which it will be simply impossible to abandon it.

Use cases

Njoy pure wand is good because you can use it individually or together with a partner. Initially, it is recommended to try its capabilities yourself in order to better study which movements (twisting, tapping, pressing) will bring the greatest pleasure. The toy is suitable both for stimulating the most sensitive points of the human body and as an anal sex preparation. Heating the wand to body temperature will help you better concentrate on the game process, and its cooling will have a soothing, analgesic effect on the skin and mucous membranes.

Unboxing: What is included?

Instructions: How to use?

  1. Clean the device thoroughly before and after each use.
  2. While using the toy, it is recommended to use the most preferred lubricant for yourself (water-based, silicone or a special cream for sex toys), even during G-spot stimulation for the most comfortable introduction.
  3. One of the ends of the product must be carefully inserted into the vagina or anus to find the G or P points. Depending on preferences, it is possible to perform translational, "tapping" movements. Holding on to the other end of the toy, you can change the angle of inclination and the depth of penetration.

How to clean and wash Njoy Pure Wand?

It is very easy to clean Njoy pure wand. It is enough to wash it with soap and water every time after use, if desired, you can use special cleaning solution for adults. But it is not advisable to use rigid materials that can damage the surface of the toy. Therefore, it is recommended to wipe it only with soft fabrics and sponges.

How does it work?

Njoy pure wand has the shape of a "smile" for a reason. Thus, it safely penetrates into the body, reaching the most sensitive areas with its rounded ends. Moreover, it has two different sizes in order to be suitable for both G-spot stimulation and prostate. At the same time, medical steel is perfectly amenable to heating and cooling. Depending on individual preferences, it can be cooled or heated to the temperature of the human body, causing a different range of pleasant sensations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What company makes this vibrator?

This toy is manufactured by

What material is this vibrator made of?

Hypoallergenic medical steel

What size is Njoy Pure Wand?

Length of this vibrator is 7.9 inches | 200mm. Diameter of this sex toy is 1.5 inches | 38mm. Toy weight 680 g.

Customer Reviews

4.5/5.00 August 11, 2022
Lillie Rowland

“Our games with my beloved have become even hotter with this thing. Moreover, its versatility pleases as it perfectly suits both me and him. Everyone has found a size to their liking, and we can control orgasms alternately, bringing mutual joy to each other.”

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