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We-Vibe Jive - Honest Review

We-Vibe Jive is a wearable vibrator designed to stimulate the G-spot and clitoris. It has a horseshoe shape that completely repeats the curves of the internal parts of the female reproductive system. Therefore, absolutely every woman will be able to choose the optimal level of vibrations for herself. The service life of the vibrator is 2 years, even if the toy is used at the highest power.

We-Vibe Jive - Key Points
AboutRemote controlled waterproof g-spot stimulator with phone connection
generates impulses that are safe for health.
made of soft and smooth silicone, which does not rub the skin and does not cause allergic reactions.
it has 10 levels of functioning, from “low” to "tempo", "ultra" and "peak" modes.
it is suitable even for those women who have no experience of using intimate goods.
Working hours2 hours
Waterproof100% waterproof
Warranty24 months
it takes at least 90 minutes to charge. ;
it is compatible only with water-based lubricants. ;
the period of continuous operation is 2 hours.;
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4.9 / 5
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Editor’s review

"The We-Vibe Jive product is made of smooth silicone, so the functioning of the device doesn’t harm health and doesn’t cause unpleasant sensations. The small size of the device (92 mm x 64.3 mm x 35.75 mm) allows you to take it with you on a trip, carry it and use it without discomfort. The stimulator does not slip out of your hands during operation and is suitable for daily use."

Use cases

The We-Vibe Jive stimulator can be controlled manually or via the free We-Connect app. The vibrator can be used remotely. The device can be a prelude to intimacy. The stimulator can be used on any of the modes, you can also alternate them.

  • We-Vibe Jive can be used for solo masturbation
  • Vibrator can be used during sex with a partner
  • Can be used in the bathroom
  • Can be used discreetly in public places
  • You can control the sex toy with your phone
  • You can synchronize the vibrator with your favorite music

What is included?

We-Vibe Jive package:

  • Stimulator of the clitoris and G-spot We-Vibe Jive.
  • USB charging cable.
  • Quick-start user guide.
  • Sample of a water-based lubricant (2 ml).
  • Silky-storage pouch for convenient storage and travel.
These components and the device itself are packed in a sealed cardboard box, on the lid of which there is a logo of the corresponding trademark.

Instructions: How to use?

How to use We-Vibe Jive stimulator:

  1. Install the free We-Connect app on your gadget.
  2. Start searching for the device.
  3. Connect to the stimulator, press the "Remember device" button.
  4. Choose the optimal mode.
  5. Apply lubricant to both parts of the stimulator.
  6. Insert the wide part of the device into the vagina, and the narrower part on the clitoris.
  7. Start using the vibrator.
  8. Turn it off by clicking on the corresponding button on the gadget.
  9. When using it manually, select the mode by clicking on " + "and" -".
After use, the stimulator must be carefully processed, even if the operation time of the device was short.

How to clean and wash We-Vibe Jive?

The innovative We-Vibe Jive stimulator is made of silicone, moisture will not harm the product. Wash the device with warm water and soap. While processing, pay special attention to the areas where the buttons are located. At the 2nd stage, the vibrator must be rinsed under running water. Wipe the stimulator dry and place it in the case. Keep the vibrator away from sunlight and electromagnetic radiation. Do not use hot water and/or abrasive agents to wash the stimulator.

How does it work?

The We-Vibe Jive stimulator directs impulses to the cervix. It has a targeted effect on the G-spot, which causes arousal. Vibrations coming from the device to the clitoris contribute to its increased blood supply. Additionally, the sensitivity of the genitals increases. Together, all these biological processes lead to an orgasm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What company makes this vibrator?

This toy is manufactured by

What material is this vibrator made of?

Medical silicone

What size is We-Vibe Jive?

Length of this vibrator is 3.6 inches | 92mm. Diamter of this sex toy is 1.4 inches | 35.75mm.

Where to order We-Vibe Jive?

You can buy this device on the official website:

Official store


Review author Alexia Costa
Alexia Costa
Torrevieja, Spain

Customer Reviews

4.1/5.00 September 2, 2022
Annabelle Burns

Usually I use the device in manual mode and sometimes I use it through the application. My partner likes to control the device and give me pleasure. It’s good that once I decided to buy this novelty.

4.1/5.00 September 28, 2022
Kirsty Byrne

I bought a We-Vibe Jive stimulator and tried all the modes already. Vibrations always provide the highest pleasure. In addition, the product is quite easy to clean, which is important for me.

4.3/5.00 October 3, 2022
Scarlet Lloyd

I didn’t have to doubt the effectiveness of the device, since its design involves a double effect on the genitals. I am completely satisfied with the quality of this stimulator. I will use the device more.

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