We-Vibe Verge - Honest Review

Few people know that the male orgasm is a very diverse concept. The We-Vibe Verge vibrating ring helps you unlock the sensations in a new way!

We-Vibe Verge - Key Points
We-Vibe Verge Sex Toy Review
AboutRemote controlled waterproof cock rings with phone connection
innovative design for intense stimulation
hypoallergenic materials
control via we-connect mobile app
powerful vibrations for enhanced pleasure
ergonomic comfort profile
compatible with other we-vibe products.
Working hours2 hours
Waterproof100% waterproof
Warranty24 months
some users don't want the motor that is not in the ring itself;
Author's rating
4.9 / 5

We-Vibe Verge is a vibrating ring that can be controlled from a distance designed for men. The size of the ring is universal, so in using this toy, size doesn't matter.

Who should try this toy?

  • Fans of playing "solo"
  • Those who want to get new sensations
  • Couples in a long-distance relationship

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My Personal Experience

I've had experience using a vibrating ring, but the We-Vibe Verge really surprised me with the extra motor for vibration in the perineum. I want to be honest, I was more confused than interested at first, but out of all the vibrating rings on the market, I decided to settle for this one. It was worth it, for sure. With proper hygiene, using a perineum vibrator has become an interesting activity that is not disgusting.

Guys, it's not penetration, just try it once, you'll surprise yourself at how sensitive the area there is in a pleasurable way.

On the one hand I like that the ring is flexible, but on the other hand, I would like a little more vibration on the front of the ring, because at low power settings, the sensation doesn't really get there.

Key Features

Flexible ring

The device is designed in such a way that the entire main motor is on the "handle", and the ring remains flexible, so it can be bent and stretched as desired, while the vibrations from the motor come to the ring part all the same.

Control via app

The We-Vibe Verge can be controlled via the We-Vibe Connect app, which provides the ability to "draw" vibrations in real time, synchronize vibrations with sounds and music, and transfer control of the device from a distance.

Perineum stimulation

The We-Vibe Verge vibrating ring consists not only of the ring itself, but also of a long part that should fit into the sensitive area of the perineum to create additional sensations.

10 built-in vibration patterns

For those who do not want to control the toy through an app, the developers have built all the necessary vibration patterns into the toy, you can select the one you want by pressing a single button.

Use cases

The erection ring can be used in any body position – it has different angles of inclination. The device can be used after applying a lubricant to the penis or without this lubricant. We-Vibe Verge is designed for manual control or via an application installed on the gadget. The man himself or his sexual partner can manipulate the erection ring. The device is suitable for intimate games in the water.

  • We-Vibe Verge can be used for solo masturbation
  • Vibrator can be used during sex with a partner
  • Can be used in the bathroom
  • Can be used discreetly in public places
  • You can control the sex toy with your phone

Unboxing: What is included?

Complete set of We-Vibe Verge:

  • Erection ring.
  • USB cable for charging.
  • Manual.
  • We-Vibe lubricant (tester, 2 ml).
  • Case for storing the device.

The listed components of the device and the device itself are placed in a cardboard box with the trademark logo on it.

Instructions: How to use?

How to use an erection ring We-Vibe Verge:

  1. Prepare the device for use: charge and rinse the toy
  2. Apply water-based lubricant to the toy and your body.
  3. Press the button on the device to turn it on
  4. Press the button once to toggle the built-in modes
  5. Place the toy in any of the patterns shown in the instructions
  6. Enjoy!

How to store?

We-Vibe Verge is recommended to be stored in the special case that comes with it. The case protects the device from dust and damage and helps to preserve its long life.

How to charge?

Charge with the included USB cable.The charging time of We-Vibe Verge is about 90 minutes. From a single charge, the device can last up to 2 hours depending on the selected mode and intensity of use.

How to clean and wash We-Vibe Verge?

To clean the We-Vibe Verge, we recommend using water and mild soap or a special intimate toy cleaner. Be sure to rinse it before the first use and after each use.

How does it work?

The toy is made of safe silicone with IPX7 water resistance (fully waterproof). The motor that delivers the vibrations is located in the handle of the device, which can be placed in the perineum for maximum pleasure. The ring itself is flexible, made entirely of silicone and takes on the vibrations from the motor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How loud is the toy?

Even at high vibrations, the noise level reaches a maximum of 45dB.

How does the toy feel?

The toy vibrates depending on the selected pattern and feels like a relaxing massage.

Can it be controlled via Bluetooth?

Yes, via the We-Vibe Connect app.

Can women use it?

Women can use this toy through the app to give pleasure to their man.

What kind of lubricant should I use with the toy?

Water-based lubricant

Can it be used in the bath/shower?


Can I use it while the toy is charging?

Cannot be used with the device

What company makes this vibrator?

This toy is manufactured by

What material is this vibrator made of?


What size is We-Vibe Verge?

Length of this vibrator is 4.5 inches | 114mm. Diameter of this sex toy is 2.4 inches | 60mm.

Where to order We-Vibe Verge?

You can buy this device on the official website:

Official store




We-Vibe Verge is an innovation in the world of vibrating rings, because the sensations from this toy extend not only to the penis, but also to the nearest sensitive areas, bringing no less vivid sensations.

Review author Jason Gibson
Jason Gibson
Manchester, UK

Customer Reviews

4.1/5.00 September 13, 2022
Zara Hayhurst

I bought We-Vibe Verge and now I feel like a real man. Earlier, an erection could self-withdraw right in the process of sexual intercourse, which caused a lot of psychological inconvenience. It’s good that such useful devices exist.

4.7/5.00 October 18, 2022
Abbie Kinsley

We-Vibe Verge is a high-quality device that perfectly fits my collection of intimate toys. I usually use this erection ring at the highest power. There are no problems with the use of the device and subsequent processing of it.

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