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Arcwave Ion

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Arcwave Ion what is it?

Arcwave Ion is a masturbator designed considering the anatomy of a male body. The device has 8 operating modes, including a silent version. The device has a built-in control panel and 8 levels of intensity. This masturbator stimulates the man’s erogenous zone by transmitting unique pulsating airwaves to the sensitive pacinian pleasure receptors in the frenulum. The airwaves create the effect of "sucking" and at the same time a light massage of the penis. The standard period of use of the product is 1 month.

What is included?

Arcwave Ion package content:
  • Masturbator.
  • A charging/storage/drying base.
  • Sachet for the charging dock.
  • USB charging cord.
  • 10ml Arcwave water-based lube made by Pjur.
  • Illustrated, multilingual manual.
The specified components and the masturbator are packed in a box with the corresponding trademark logo.
Toy name Arcwave Ion
Brand name
Length 153,5mm
Working hours 70 minutes
Material Medical silicone, ABS thermoplastic
Waterproof IPX7 Waterproof
Weight 355 grams
Warranty 24 months

Instructions: How to use?

Rules for using the Arcwave Ion masturbator:
  1. Apply lube on your penis.
  2. Insert the penis into a special chamber of the masturbator.
  3. Turn on the device by pressing the " + " button for 3-5 seconds.
  4. Select the optimal mode of operation by increasing or decreasing the intensity of vibrations with the "+" and "- "buttons.
  5. Turn off the device by pressing the "- " button.
  6. Remove the penis from the masturbator.
  7. After use, clean the device according to all rules applied to the cleaning of sex toys.

How to clean and wash Arcwave Ion?

The product is made of CleanTech silicone and plastic. Both materials are subjected to safe hygienic treatment and need to be washed in a warm soapy solution. After cleaning, rinse it under running water for a few minutes. Then wipe it dry and store it away from electromagnetic radiation and sunlight. Do not use brushes, abrasive detergents, or hot water for cleaning.

How does it work?

The airwave stimulator is made of a membrane 20mm in diameter which is located in the middle section of the constitution. This particular part of the device channels airwaves onto your penis by using the Pleasure Air technology. It results in a stimulating effect on body cavities and intensifies blood accumulation in the penis which contributes to erection and ejaculation. In addition, the Arcwave Ion is endowed with the Smart Silence feature. Equipped with a specific sensor system the device functions silently, switches on quickly after contacting the body and immediately deactivates after separation of body contact.

Pros and Cons

  • + Made of hypoallergenic materials.
  • + Offers several levels of stimulation.
  • + Has no negative side effects on the human body.
  • + Suitable for daily use.
  • + Integrated silent mode.
  • + Fits men with different sizes of penis.
    • Functions continuously for 70 minutes.
    • Compatible only with water-based lubricants.
    • It is fully charged in 2 hours.

Customer Reviews

„I bought the device on the internet and now I can't live a day without it. The airwaves transmitted by it give me unimaginable emotions. I usually use the device with a lubricant, but the effect is not worse without it.“
„The Arcwave Ion satisfied me with all its characteristics - from the price to the big amount of stimulation levels. I can't say anything bad about the quality - to the contrary: it functions well and gives me a lot of positive emotions.“
„The device is of good quality and easy to use. Although it functions continuously for more than 1 hour, only 5-7 minutes of using this device are enough for me to get an orgasm. I never experienced something like that before.“

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Where to order Arcwave Ion?

You can buy this device on the official website:
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Editor’s review

Arcwave Ion - a well-thought-out masturbator capable of giving a lot of positive emotions. The designated penis chamber suits different sizes of the male genital. While in use, the device will not provide any discomfort. The only thing a man needs to focus on is receiving full sexual pleasure.
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