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Kiiroo Keon Sex Toy Review

What is Kiiroo Keon?

Kiiroo Keon is a turning concept in the field of adult toys. This male masturbator is designed to give you maximum pleasure in just a few clicks. The device can be used both via a smartphone and manually, completely controlling the entire process. The toy is made of pleasant to the touch, safe materials, it has an interesting design that allows you to hold it securely in your hands, and it also has a powerful Bluetooth chip that maintains a stable connection with a portable device throughout the entire pleasure session.

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My Personal Experience

A very high-quality toy, it can be seen at the very first glance at it. It works stably, the connection is not interrupted. If you choose a high-quality video on the site, you can get a lot of unique, stunningly vivid sensations. All materials that have a contact with your skin closely imitate the structure of the human body. The inner surface of the sleeve massages all parts of the penis well. The depth and speed of penetration varies depending on individual preferences.

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4.5/5my score

Price: $249.99 Updated July 2024

  • plenty of opportunities to satisfy
  • high-quality materials interesting
  • pleasant-looking design
  • stable pairing
  • convenient, intuitive application
  • the duration of operation is from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the mode
  • heavy (1.1 kg)
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Use cases

Kiiroo Keon is perfect for both solo and couple play. It has the ability to connect to adult content, and also syncs well with other sex toys of this company and a smartphone. The device can be used manually by controlling its speed using small buttons located on the side panels.

  • Kiiroo Keon can be used for solo masturbation
  • Vibrator can be used during sex with a partner
  • Kiiroo Keon can be connected to sex games on a computer or phone
  • You can synchronize the toy with porn sites
  • Can be connected to webcam sites
  • Can be synchronized with other vibrators and used together

Unboxing: What is included?

  • FeelStroker
  • Kiiroo Keon
  • USB-charging cable

Instructions: How to use?

  1. The device must be fully charged before direct use. As soon as the toy is ready to work, the red light on the side panel will turn green.
  2. The stroker is attached to the Keon from below, after that you just need to turn it counterclockwise until you hear a click, meaning that the toy is securely attached.
  3. Then it is necessary to turn the inlet up so you will be able to fill it with lubricant. It is recommended to use a water-based lubricant so that it does not cause allergic reactions and cannot damage the internal parts of the device.
  4. If desired, you can use only manual mode. To do this, there are buttons on the side panels of the toy, pressing which will allow you to control the speed and depth of penetration while using the device.
  5. To enable interactive mode, you need to install the FeelConnect 3.0 application on your smartphone or tablet, and then pair the gadget and the toy via Bluetooth. Using the application, you can control the device from a distance, adjust its speed and power, synchronize with interactive 2D/VR adult content.

How to clean and wash Kiiroo Keon?

It is enough to wipe the external parts of the device with a damp cloth, and the sleeve can be cleaned with soap and water. If desired, you can use special solutions for intimate toys. After that, all parts of the device must be thoroughly dried before the next use.

How does it work?

Kiiroo Keon provides a wide range of opportunities for intimate play. You can use it alone either manually, completely controlling the entire process from the beginning to an end, or remotely using a special application. With the help of the latter, it is possible to connect the toy to interactive content for adults. In this case, Kiiroo Keon will adjust to the video, creating a feeling of real sexual intercourse.
The device is also synchronized with other toys of this company, it can be controlled at a great distance, thanks to which games with a partner will become even more piquant and interesting, and the joy of communication will be greater and brighter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What company makes this vibrator?

This toy is manufactured by

What material is this vibrator made of?

Soft Plastic

What size is Kiiroo Keon?

Toy weight 1100 g.

Where to order Kiiroo Keon?

You can buy this device on the official website:

Official store



Frequently Asked Questions

What company makes this vibrator?

This toy is manufactured by

What material is this vibrator made of?

Soft Plastic

What size is Kiiroo Keon?

Toy weight 1100 g.

Customer Reviews

4.3/5.00 August 1, 2022
Emma Joyce

“Now it’s my favorite toy, definitely. I would never have thought that the sensations could be so close to a blowjob. I use a warming lubricant to make it more pleasant. One important thing that you have to remember is to use a water-based lubricant, otherwise there will be no pleasure, only burning. Everything is done in the best possible way, I am incredibly happy with the purchase.”

4.2/5.00 September 20, 2022
Lana Montoya

“You need to find a suitable video for a stable operation. A couple of times I came across those where the picture lagged a little behind the movements of the toy. But now I have a few favorites, so there are no problems, everything works fine.”

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