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It would seem that everything in people's sex life is pretty obvious. But it's still hard to choose a toy to meet your expectations. In this review, let's find out why newcomers and collectors of sex toys are so impressed by the new Lovense Calor masturbator.

Lovense Calor - Key Points
Lovense Calor Sex Toy Review
AboutRemote controlled waterproof male masturbators with phone connection
Price$179 regular price, $89 with discount
strong vibration
safe material
compatible with sex platforms
remote control
long working time
heating feature
depth control
volume control
built-in patterns
Working hours1,5-2 hours
WaterproofIPX7 Waterproof
Warranty12 months
unrealistic sleeve structure;
no automatic pressure control ;
Author's rating
4.9 / 5

Lovense Calor is an innovative pocket masturbator with remote control, heating and interactivity. It is waterproof, multifunctional and made of body-safe materials.

Who should try this toy?

  • People in a long-distance relationship
  • Couples owning other Lovense devices with the sync function
  • Lovers of playing "solo”
  • Active virtual reality users
  • For business trips

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My Personal Experience

It is good that innovations affect not only information technology in terms of science, computers, machines and other devices, but also simple human daily life. The description of Lovense Calor is already a kind of review of the toy, because the toy is quite easy to use and the functions that are built into this device make you buy it.

On the other hand, I was very attracted to the heating feature. Since there is always the problem of cool toys or cold water in which you have to wash them, you don’t really want to use it on a tender part of the body. Therefore, the Lovense Calor is a great find in this regard! It makes sense that the heating should not occur during the masturbation process, because it is much more pleasant to enter a warm masturbator than a heated one.

I also really liked the depth control feature, although when reading the description it was not quite clear what it was for, but in fact it was a very interesting experience.

I can recommend Lovense Calor, as it is suitable for both beginners and experienced sex toy users.

Use cases

Lovense Calor can be used both alone and with a partner. There are many variations of its use - it all depends on your imagination. You can connect the toy to your smartphone and let the other person control it at his/her own discretion, increasing or decreasing the power of vibrations. Lovense Calor can be synchronized with other devices of this company so that both will respond to each other regardless of what distance there will be between them. Its small size makes it easy to carry, so Lovense Calor can be taken with you on trips, not missing the opportunity to have a good time when you want to.

  • Lovense Calor can be used for solo masturbation
  • Vibrator can be used during sex with a partner
  • Can be used in the bathroom
  • You can control the sex toy with your phone
  • You can synchronize the vibrator with your favorite music
  • Lovense Calor can be connected to sex games on a computer or phone
  • You can synchronize the toy with porn sites
  • Can be connected to webcam sites
  • Can be synchronized with other vibrators and used together

Unboxing: What is included?

  • Bluetooth Male Masturbator
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • Storage Bag

Instructions: How to use?

Starting to use Calor isn’t like taking a computer apart and putting it back together, it’s much easier and that gives another advantage to Lovense Calor.

  1. Make sure the toy is charged. To activate the toy, press both buttons on the device. Use a water-based lubricant.
  2. A long press on button A will activate/deactivate the automatic depth control function. You can switch presets with a single press.
  3. Hold down button B to activate the button control. A single press on B will toggle the vibration presets cyclically.
  4. To activate the heating function, stop using the toy and connect it to the charger, hold down button A and leave the toy for 10-15 minutes. After heating, the Lovense Calor is ready to be used.

How to store?

After cleaning, dry the device thoroughly and put it in a storage bag. Avoid direct sunlight and low temperatures during storage.

How to charge?

The device is charged using a magnetic USB cable. Lovense Calor is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery capable of holding a charge up to 2 hours of continuous use and 120 hours in standby mode. A full charge takes 90 minutes.

How to clean and wash Lovense Calor?

The device is completely waterproof.

Before the first use and after each use, it is recommended to wash it under warm water or with a sex toy cleaner. Untimely washing destroys the material or causes the growth of bacteria.

How does it work?

The versatility of Lovense Calor won’t leave you indifferent.

  • Vibrations. Lovense Calor is a vibrator masturbator. Several vibration patterns are already loaded in the device, but with the Lovense Remote app, you can customize the vibrations as preferred.
  • Penetration depth control. The sensors in your device work so that the deeper you enter, the stronger the vibrations become.
  • Squeezing. The toy is versatile because of its clamping control function. With the squeezing part of the device, you can control the volume of the inside of the device.
  • Heating. The temperature range the device can reach is 38-42 degrees Celsius which is warmer than the human body.
  • Lovense Remote app. The app opens up almost limitless possibilities in using the device: syncing with Nora, Max 2 or other Calor, transferring remote control to a partner, syncing with music, syncing with 3DX Chat, Wild Life and Breeders of the Nephelym, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can women use it?

The Lovense Calor is a male masturbator. But women can participate by using the Lovense Remote app.

What kind of lubricant to use with the toy?

Use a water based lubricant.

Can I use it in the bathroom/shower?

Lovense Calor is completely waterproof, so you just should try using it in the bathroom/shower!

Can I use it while it is charging?

You cannot use the toy while it is charging.

Can I use it away from my partner?

Yes, you and your partner need to have an account in Lovense Remote.

Does the toy get warm during use?

No, the toy heats up for approximately 15 minutes when it is connected to the charger and the A button is pressed for 3 seconds.

Can I use it without an erection?

You can, but you should consider the size in order to get stimulation. If you have erectile dysfunction, it is best to use vibrators for the entire length of the penis.

What company makes this vibrator?

This toy is manufactured by

What material is this vibrator made of?

Health Safe Materials

What size is Lovense Calor?

Length of this vibrator is 1.8 inches | 45,5mm. Diameter of this sex toy is 1.2 inches | 30mm. Toy weight 345 g.

Where to order Lovense Calor?

You can buy this device on the official website:

Official store



Review author Jason Gibson
Jason Gibson
Manchester, UK

Customer Reviews

4.3/5.00 September 23, 2022
Graciela McGill

“I was pleasantly surprised that it is so quiet and light, compared to those that I had before. The fact that the masturbator heats up is the biggest plus. And the fact that it is waterproof is also very good. You can take it with you to the bathroom, as I have often done lately”

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